WWCA: From the President, John Quinlan, April 2016

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff April 27, 2016 13:09

WWCA: From the President, John Quinlan, April 2016

Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association April Newsletter

 from President John Quinlan

Hello Wrestling Fans!

Olympic Trials
What a great representation from some Wisconsin athletes as Ben Provisor and Jesse Thielke won titles at the US Olympic Wrestling Trials. Provisor became an Olympian and Thielke is hopefully well on his way. And several other Wisconsin wrestlers performed extremely well on the national stage on their quest to earn a trip to Rio for the Summer Olympic Games.

I am sure they will continue to make us proud in their journey for Gold against the best in the world.

Possible Rule Changes
Currently, the NFHS Rules Committee has more than a dozen new rule proposals from several states in front of them, and we should know in the next few weeks in any make it through their committee process.

A couple of them were proposed from Wisconsin including: having an additional pound for growth allowance later in the season along the lines that we currently have and a two-piece uniform as an additional option for wrestlers to wear instead of the singlet.

The latter was a direct result from the surveys that went out to head coaches in the state and the proposal was found to be overwhelmingly in favor of having the two-piece as an option.

The results were brought to the Coaches Advisory Board and then to a meeting with the WIAA Representative. This proposal along with a couple others will go before the WIAA committees soon as well. I appreciate all the coaches that took part in the surveys and provided viewpoints, suggestions, and comments to the questions as well as possible future questions.

WWCA District Meetings
Several WWCA Representatives will be hosting their District meetings this spring and I encourage you to attend and participated in them. Some great discussions on topics, rules, feedback and camaraderie can be found at these meetings and are well worth a couple hours of your time.

George Martin Wisconsin HOF 
There is still time to nominate people for the Wisconsin Wrestling Hall of Fame if you know of a worthy candidate. Categories include Wrestler, Coach, Official, or Contributor. Nomination forms and processes can be found on our website at www.wwca.org . Hurry, though, as the meeting will take place this summer and forms and letters need to be in soon.

WWCA Membership and Clinic
Don’t forget to try to include your WWCA membership dues and clinic in your future plans. Some exciting proposals are currently in place to supplement additional benefits to your WWCA membership and to possibly make this one of the most exciting clinics in a long time.

Additionally, WWCA members don’t forget to go on the website to self-report yourself if you have surpassed a win award total, years of service award, or conference championship award. Again, those categories can be found at www.wwca.org .

Coach and Wrestler of the Year
Congratulations to Jeff Matczak of Kaukauna (State Coach of the Year), Joel Kuhl of Two Rivers (Assistant Coach of the Year) and Beau Breske of Hartford (Wrestler of the Year) on winning their awards as well as all eight District Coaches of the Year. Some very deserving representatives had great seasons and you should be proud of your accomplishments as your coaching peers obviously are of you.

As always, if you have comments or questions regarding any of the processes involved, please feel free to contact your local District Representative or Board member. Contact information can be found on the WWCA website.

Yours in Wrestling,
John Quinlan, WWCA President

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff April 27, 2016 13:09


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