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Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series – WWCS

Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series

Presented by Cliff Keen and Elite Wrestling
2019 – Fifth Annual

“Largest High School Wrestling Tournament in the World”

Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series and Girls Championship


Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series
         -Region Date: Saturday, January 5, 2019 (One Pound Allowance at all Regions)
-Finals and Girls Championship Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019

Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series (WWCS) Region Host Schools, Sites and Contacts

Region 1
Host Site: Racine Park High School
(262) 619-4400
AD: Joe Miller
Coach: Jon Burdick

Region 2
NEW Host Site: Port Washington High School
(262) 238-5900
AD: Thad Gabrielse
Coach: Angelo Larosa

Region 3
Host Site: Little Chute High School
(920) 788-7605
AD: Anna Maass
AD: Kelly Wallace
Coach: Todd Verboomen

Region 4
Host Site: Middleton High School
(608) 829-9660
AD: Bob Joers
Coach: Kent Weiler

Region 5
Host Site: Sauk Prairie High School
(608) 643-5900
AD: Josh Boyer
Coach: Scott Smith

Region 6
Host Site: Marshfield High School
(715) 387-8464
AD: Nathan DeLany
(715) 387-8464 x4211
Administrative Assistant: Sommer Schreiner
(715) 387-8464 x4203
Coach: Jackson Hein
(715) 387-8464

Region 7
NEW Host Site: West Salem/Bangor  / West Salem Middle School
(608) 786-2090
AD: Dawn LaFleur – West Salem
(608) 786-1220 (school) and (907) 347-7334 (cell)
Coach: Josh Brewer Head Coach – West Salem/Bangor
(608) 786-2090 (school) and (608) 575-8640 (cell)
Tournament Manager: Randy Dammon
(608) 797-7217 (cell)
West Salem Middle School 440 East Ave. West Salem, WI 54669 (608) 786-2090

Region 8
Host Site: Eau Claire North High School
(715) 852-6600
AD: Joe Eisenhuth
Coach: Jake Rebhan

Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series Final
Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series Girls Championship

Host Site: Wausau West High School
Contact: Dan Hein
Phone Number (715) 297-7498
Contract and information pertaining to the Finals will be sent by host school Wausau West.
Finals in Wausau will consist of top 3 from 8 Regions to compete in 24 wrestler bracket.
There is  a ‘ Girls Championship division’ option (details below).
Coaches must notify Dan Hein the Tuesday immediately following Region events, as soon as it is known, of wrestler(s) unable to compete at Finals, so alternate(s) may be notified promptly to participate.
(see clarification 3. h. below)

Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series Guidelines

Wrestling’s continued preservation and growth is important for the youth of our communities.

The Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series for sub-varsity level interscholastic wrestlers has been developed with these goals in mind. This event is designed to be compliant with WIAA guidelines and is available to WIAA member schools of all divisions.

Tournament Procedure

1. Assignment of schools will be on a geographical basis with the State of Wisconsin divided into eight ‘Regions’ (Regions listed below).
Challenge Series plan, dates, qualifying and sites.
a. Approximately 40 schools will make up each Region.
b. Schools are assigned to one of 8 Regions geographically. Teams/Competitors will only compete within their school’s assigned Region as determined by the WWCS guidelines.
c. The top 3 finishers (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each weight division from each Region qualify for the Challenge Finals.
d. All wrestlers must weigh in at the Region and Final. Finals wrestlers must make official weight in the class they qualified for the Final. Wrestlers may not change to a different weight class for Final competition.
e. Assignments of teams to Regions and host schools for those tournaments will be announced in late spring.
f. Region host site commitments will be reviewed on a two-year basis or as deemed necessary.

2. Rules governing competition
a. Athletes who are ineligible during the Challenge Series (for any reason) may not appear in uniform, participate in warm-ups, and may not participate in the awards ceremony at the Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series.
b. Exception: An injured athlete will be allowed to participate in the awards ceremony provided he/she is included in the roster of their team.
c. Schools must adhere to WIAA meet limits and requirements for competition. Each Challenge Series event (Region and Final) will count towards the maximum for their school. The Challenge Series events (Region and Final) will count towards the maximum number of events for the individual. The Region and Final events are not in addition to the normal WIAA allotment of events. An individual and or school may not compete in the Challenge Series program if he/she/team has participated in more than 14 meets, or in more than the allowed number of multiple school meets.
d. Schools/coaches will enter their individuals via trackwrestling for their Region with a list of the names, weights and grade in school (9, 10, 11, 12) of wrestlers scheduled to enter Region competition. (Please do not enter information typing/using all caps.)
Note: Tentative line ups should be entered by midnight on the Tuesday prior to the Region tournament. If unable to determine tentative entries the coach should contact and explain circumstances to meet manager by that Tuesday. Attempts will be made to accommodate situations in the best interest of the kids.
e. These entry lists are tentative and changes may be made up to the conclusion of weigh in at the Region competition.
f. There will be no ‘seeding’ at Region or Final. The runner up and third place finisher at Region events will wrestle round one of Finals and meet a Region champion the second round. Substitute situations may cause this to be altered if determined necessary by the Finals manager.
Note: Wrestlers may be moved up on the bracket depending on availability of substitutions.
g. If a vacancy occurs because there is no available or eligible substitute, the scheduled opponent receives a forfeit. Filling all spots will be attempted.
h. If a wrestler fails to make weight, the opponent receives a forfeit.
i. Substitutions: A school is expected to IMMEDIATELY notify the Finals manager, in the event one of its qualifiers is unable to continue in the tournament program so other wrestlers may be substituted from Region competitions. Substitutes may or may not be drawn from the same Region as a rotation will be in place. It is important that schools have given event managers complete information (phone numbers, names and email address of more than one responsible contact person) of the responsible party to be contacted if a substitute has the opportunity to compete in the Final. Notification should be given as early as possible so the substitute can prepare. There is however no deadline. Substitution can be made up to weigh-in time.

3. Region Entries:
a. Coaches should use their best discretion when considering entering individuals into the Challenge Series. This competition is intended to accommodate ‘sub-varsity’ level wrestlers as opposed to varsity level ‘competitive’ regular varsity line up wrestlers who have been contributing members of a varsity squad during any season. As a rule, the wrestlers entered should have been representing the ‘sub-varsity’ (‘JV’ or ‘freshman’ or ‘reserve’) team the majority of the season or be wrestling varsity to ‘fill’ a weight class need, despite their competitiveness at that level. Records will not be a consideration, but a varsity competitor with a winning record, who has not regularly represented the JV at their school, is probably not a fit for this competition.
b. Who should be entered in the Wisconsin Wrestling Challenge Series?
Some thoughts and questions coaches need to ask themselves and consider when deciding whether to enter an individual in the WWCS.
Coaches are asked to use discretion and common sense in choosing to enter individuals in this ‘sub-varsity’ event.
-A coach should be able to say his/her conscience is clear regarding every wrestler entered in the WWCS from their team.
The event is considered ‘sub-varsity’ level.
-Ask yourself if this wrestler is a ‘sub-varsity’ level wrestler.
-If the wrestler has been on the varsity or belonged on the varsity this year or prior years, should that wrestler enter this event?
-A ‘varsity’ wrestler should not be entered in this tournament.
-This tournament should not be used by a varsity wrestler to fill in for a ‘missed’ varsity tournament opportunity.
-This event is meant for high school wrestlers who are not regularly varsity wrestlers.
-This event is not to be considered as an opportunity for a ‘varsity’ wrestler to get ‘quality mat time’ or make up for missed prior varsity competitions.
Is there a set number or maximum number of matches a wrestler can have and still enter the WWCS?
-There is no set number. A sub-varsity level wrestler might have ‘filled in’ on varsity any number of times.
If a wrestler is on a ‘JV’, ‘freshman’ or ‘reserve’ team and that team has been in a Varsity tournament or tournaments, is that wrestler ‘sub-varsity’ level?
-If the wrestler is regularly winning or advancing to the finals at any varsity events, he/she is not really to be considered ‘sub-varsity’ level. Wrestlers with the ability to qualify for the WIAA Sectional and or State meet and place and even win the WIAA State Individual tournament would not and should not be considered ‘sub-varsity’ for the purposes of the WWCS.
Entering these types of competitors would not be considered ethical for the purpose of the WWCS.
Does the WWCS (Region and Final) count as ONE event or TWO?
-It is TWO distinct EVENTS.
-The ‘Region’ is one event and the ‘Final’ is a second event. The wrestler must have two multiple school event competitions available to compete in both.
May teams enter multiple wrestlers in a weight class?
-Yes, teams may enter multiple wrestlers per weight class. There is no limit. The trackwrestling system attempts to separate ‘same school’ wrestlers, but no special separation is guaranteed.
c. At the Region and Final event school teams must possess and be prepared to present:
(1) Copies of 7% printouts containing the most recent data on each wrestler to be entered in the Region.
(2) Weigh-in sheets from all meets the team participated in during the two weeks prior to the Region.
d. Coaches are required to name their entries by weight class prior to the start of the weigh in, not ‘during’ weigh-in. Wrestlers who do not ‘make weight’ at their designated class may be able to ‘move up’ or ‘down’ a weight class depending on the number of entries in the adjoining weight classes. Tournament director shall have final say.
e. All weights recorded by the official on official weigh-in sheets remain official and cannot be changed, or deleted, whether the wrestler competes in that event or not.
f. Covering a communicable skin condition is not acceptable and does not make the wrestler eligible to participate. An onsite meet official may override the diagnosis of the physician signing the physician’s release form for a wrestler to participate with a particular skin condition.
(In accordance with WIAA rules.)
g. Region and Final tournament hosts may release their competition pairings to the public as soon as they are prepared after the weigh in.
h. By Tuesday immediately following the Region competition, or as soon as it is known, COACHES MUST NOTIFY Dan Hein – Finals Tournament Director, THE NAME, SCHOOL, AND WEIGHT OF INDIVIDUALS WHO QUALIFIED, BUT WILL NOT COMPETE IN THE FINALS at Wausau West. Dan Hein email – – phone – 715-297-7498

4. Length of bouts
a. All Region and Final championship matches will be six minutes long (three two-minute rounds). Consolation matches will be five minutes (1-2-2)
EXCEPTION: Changes may be made to match length if it is determined by the event manager that time constraints must be considered to accommodate extenuating circumstances.

5. WWCS Region Tournaments
a. Date to be determined annually with consideration of WIAA calendar.
b. Times: Except for weigh-in, coaches’ meeting, and opening round, no specific time schedule need be established by tournament manager. All Regions will schedule their competition day independently taking into consideration the wide variance in such factors as number of entries, available mats, travel distance and time, urban-rural setting, etc. Time schedules for weigh-ins and first session will be announced.
c. Tournament Pairings
Rule book instructions and the following instructions apply.
Note: All weight classes* – will be bracketed as 32 or 16 or 8 or 4 wrestler brackets to efficiently accommodate number of entries at that individual weight class to determine the top three places (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
*Greater than 32 entries in a weight class: In the event there are greater than 32 entries in a weight class a 64 wrestler bracket will be used and wrestling will take place up to and including semi-finals. Due to daily match limits (5 per wrestler) this is the solution to be used. In the event the daily match limit (5) has been reached by any wrestler in the championship or consolation bracket no further matches will be wrestled by that individual. The two wrestlers reaching the final will qualify and a coin toss will decide the 1st and 2nd placement of the two wrestlers for Finals bracket. The wrestlers who lost the semifinal will be considered the third and fourth place finishers. A coin flip for third and fourth place will decide the third place position qualifier to the Final. The ‘fourth’ place wrestler will be given consideration as an alternate to the Final if openings occur. There will be no guarantee of an opening or advancement to the Final. In 8 wrestler brackets there will be a wrestleback to third when possible. Consolation side of a 64 bracket may be used for non-qualifying matches.
In 16 wrestler brackets there will be a wrestleback to 5th if match limits have not been reached. Semifinal qualifiers will wrestle for the top four places.
In 32 wrestler brackets there will be a wrestleback to 5th, if match limits have not been reached. Semifinal qualifiers will wrestle for the top four places.
There will be no wrestleback to determine second place at Region or Final. Previous result in the Region or Final proper (that day) will stand if competitors are scheduled to meet a second time and match limit has been reached by either wrestler. If match limit is not reached by either wrestler, there will be a ‘wrestleback’ match to determine place.
d. Region bracket placement Information and Procedures
(1) Trackwrestling ( shall be used for placement of entrants at all Region tournaments. This placement will be random with consideration for separation of team members when possible. The trackwrestling system will be set up by the WWCS administrator and access will be granted to Region hosts. Regions will not set up their own trackwrestling event.
(2) Materials to have on hand: Computer, projector and screen. It is not required to have special individual mat clocks and/or computers. Tournament host should provide to all coaches a list of participants by weight, not by team, and include name of school and grade of wrestler. For example, all 106 pound wrestlers should be listed alphabetically by name with their grade level.
(3) General considerations.
(a) All coaches should attend the organizational meeting. All schools should be represented.
(b) The meeting is for coaches and meet personnel and attendance should be limited to those individuals. The meeting should not be open to spectators.
(c) To begin the official tournament coaches meeting, the head official will meet with the group of coaches and verify wrestlers who did not make weight or are not eligible for other reasons (health check etc.). If a wrestler did not make weight the coach may move that wrestler to another appropriate weight class depending on the number of entries in the adjoining weight classes. Tournament director will have final say.
e. Officials;
(1) Payment will be made by host site school. (No mileage will be paid.) Payment will be the same at all Regions. Checks and contracts will be issued by the host school.
(2) Host schools should contract officials based on the number of mats used and the number of entrants at a tournament site.
(3) One official, as determined by the host school, will act as the head official and chairman of the coaches’ meeting.
f. Awards
(1) Individual; Materials will be supplied to Region events to print Awards for individuals.
g. Finances
(1) Entry Fees: 0-5 entrants $50, 6-10 entrants $100, 11 or more entrants $150.
Teams will present a check covering entry fees at the Region event prior to the end of the coaches meeting.
(2) Host School Allowances
Host school will keep entry fees, concessions and spectator ticket receipts. Hosts will pay expenses for officials and workers and school fees. WWCA will supply trackwrestling access.
h. Ticket Prices Child/Student/Adult will be determined by host school. (It is suggested the spectator fee range $4 to $6 for adults, $2 for students/youth.)

6. Challenge Series Final
a. Date to be determined annually with consideration of WIAA calendar.
b. Scheduling of Competition
The time schedule for the Challenge Series Finals Competition will be announced on the WWCA website and Wisconsin Wrestling Online (
c. Scoring (team).
(1) All wrestlers are eligible to score team points.
(2) Standard scoring for a bracketed tournament will be used per trackwrestling.

7. Girls Competition
WWCS Girls Championship will be held at the Finals event.
There will be no specific/seperate Region girls competition, but girls may enter the Region event as well.
Entry Fee (Girls Championship event): No entry fee at Wausau.
Rules regarding WWCS Finals will apply to Girls Championship event competition.
Girls qualifying via a Region event will be required to choose to enter the Final WWCS regular division or the WWCS Girls Championship division. A wrestler may compete in only one division (WWCS or WWCS Girls Championship division) at the Final. This choice must be communicated to the Finals director on the Tuesday following the Region event, or as soon as it is known, to allow alternates to be alerted for the WWCS Final. Only one fee will be collected for girls entering both the WWCS Region and Girls Championship events.
Registration will take place via trackwrestling and should be done prior to the Tuesday preceding the Finals event. Same day entry will be allowed. Entry will be ‘first come, first served’. If a bracket is ‘full’ (reached 24 entrants) the wrestler may choose another weight class or may not be able to enter the day of the event. Alternative bracketing may be enlisted depending on entry numbers.

Note to clarify: All female wrestlers who wish to compete in the Challenge Series Girls Championship automatically may enter the FINAL girl’s event.
Email Dan Hein (Finals Tournament Director) the Name, School, and Weight of Girls that plan to compete in the Girls Championship event at Wausau West.
There will be no entry fee for girls choosing to enter only the Girls Championship event in Wausau.
Girls may participate in a ‘regular’ Region events as well, but a fee will apply for Region entry.
Girls placing in the top three at the Region must choose to enter the ‘regular’ final or ‘girls’ Championship event. A girl may only enter one event at the WWCS Final/Girls Championship. Notice of intention should be made to Dan Hein by Tuesday following the Region competition, or as soon as it is known. Coaches must notify Dan Hein (Finals Tournament/Girls Championship Director) the Name, School, and Weight of Girls who qualified, but will not compete in the Challenge Finals and are choosing the Girls Championship event at Wausau West.
Dan Hein; email – – phone – 715-297-7498
Girls DO NOT have to enter a Region event to qualify for the Girls Championship event at Wausau West.


Region 1
1073 1 Badger
1120 1 Burlington
3101 1 Catholic Central
2091 1 Catholic Memorial
1116 1 Cudahy/St. Francis
2093 1 East Troy
1117 1 Franklin
1127 1 Greendale
1087 1 Greenfield
1109 1 Kenosha Bradford
3102 1 Kenosha Christian Life
1110 1 Kenosha Indian Trail
3103 1 Kenosha St Josephs
1111 1 Kenosha Tremper
1083 1 Kettle Moraine
3104 1 Martin Luther
1119 1 Milw. Bradley Tech/Carmen
1088 1 Milw. Hamilton
1121 1 Milw. Pulaski/Arts/Juneau/Ronald Reagan
1118 1 Milwaukee Bay View/Lifelong Learning
1122 1 Milwaukee South
1089 1 Mukwonago
1090 1 Muskego
1091 1 New Berlin West/Eisenhower
1123 1 Oak Creek
1112 1 Racine Case
1113 1 Racine Horlick
1114 1 Racine Park (Host)
3106 1 Shoreland Lutheran
1124 1 South Milwaukee
1115 1 Union Grove
1092 1 Waterford
1084 1 Waukesha North
1085 1 Waukesha South
1086 1 Waukesha West
1125 1 West Allis Central
1126 1 West Allis Hale
1079 1 Westosha Central
1093 1 Whitnall
1080 1 Wilmot
Region 2
1094 2 Arrowhead
1081 2 Brookfield Central
1082 2 Brookfield East
2078 2 Campbellsport
3087 2 Cedar Grove-Belgium
1095 2 Cedarburg
2097 2 Grafton
1096 2 Germantown
1097 2 Hamilton
1058 2 Hartford
1098 2 Homestead (Host)
2098 2 Kettle Moraine Lutheran
2079 2 Kewaskum
2099 2 Lake Country Lutheran/Heritage Christian
3097 2 Lomira
1102 2 Marquette University School
1099 2 Menomonee Falls
1103 2 Milwaukee King
1104 2 Milwaukee Riverside/Shorewood
1101 2 Milwaukee Vincent/Brown Deer
1105 2 Milwaukee Washington/
CEO Leadership Academy
2100 2 Milwaukee Lutheran
2101 2 Milwaukee North
1106 2 Nicolet
3092 2 Oostburg
3100 2 Ozaukee
2102 2 Pewaukee
1128 2 Pius XI
1051 2 Pt Washington
3093 2 Random Lake
2088 2 Sheboygan Falls
1052 2 Sheboygan North
1053 2 Sheboygan South
1062 2 Slinger
2095 2 St Johns NW Military Academy
1107 2 Wauwatosa East/West
1054 2 West Bend East
1055 2 West Bend West
1108 2 Whitefish Bay
2103 2 Wisconsin Lutheran
Region 3
1025 3 Appleton East
1026 3 Appleton North
1027 3 Appleton West
1017 3 Ashwaubenon
1018 3 Bay Port
3048 3 Brillion
2084 3 Chilton/Hilbert
1019 3 De Pere
2044 3 Denmark
3088 3 Elkhart lake-Glenbeulah
1057 3 Fond du Lac
2037 3 Fox Valley Lutheran
2026 3 Freedom
1020 3 Green Bay Preble & East
1021 3 Green bay West & SW
1048 3 Kaukauna
3089 3 Kewaunee
2085 3 Kiel
1049 3 Kimberly
2038 3 Little Chute (Host)
2045 3 Luxemburg-Casco
1050 3 Manitowoc
2086 3 Manitowoc Lutheran/Roncalli
1029 3 Menasha
3090 3 Mishicot
1030 3 Neenah
3091 3 New Holstein
2081 3 North Fond du Lac/St Mary Springs
1061 3 Plymouth
1022 3 Pulaski
3053 3 Reedsville
2030 3 Seymour
2046 3 Southern Door
2087 3 St Lawrence Seminary
2047 3 Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol
2048 3 Two Rivers
2089 3 Valders
1024 3 West De Pere
3086 3 Winnebago Lutheran
2049 3 Wrightstown
1064 3 Xavier/St Mary Central
Region 4
2070 4 Belleville/Monticello/New Glarus
1074 4 Beloit Memorial
2076 4 Beloit Turner
2090 4 Big Foot/Williams Bay
2071 4 Brodhead/Juda
3073 4 Cambridge
2072 4 Clinton
2065 4 Darlington/Black Hawk
3074 4 Deerfield
2092 4 Delevan-Darien
2066 4 Dodgeville
2073 4 Edgerton
1075 4 Elkhorn
2074 4 Evansville/Albany
1065 4 Fort Atkinson
1076 4 Janesville Craig
1077 4 Janesville Parker
2094 4 Jefferson
3075 4 Johnson Creek
2057 4 Lake Mills
2058 4 Lakeside Lutheran
1041 4 Madison East
1066 4 Madison Lafollette
1042 4 Madison Memorial
1043 4 Madison West
1044 4 Middleton (Host)
1078 4 Milton
1045 4 Monona Grove/McFarland
2075 4 Monroe
1067 4 Mt Horeb/Barneveld
1068 4 Oconomowoc
1069 4 Oregon
3105 4 Palmyra-Eagle
3076 4 Parkview
3071 4 Pecatonica/Argyle
2069 4 River Valley
1070 4 Stoughton
1072 4 Verona
1063 4 Watertown
2096 4 Whitewater
3079 4 Wisconsin Heights
Region 5
2050 5 Adams-Friendship
2031 5 Almond Bancroft/Pacelli
1032 5 Baraboo
1056 5 Beaver Dam
2077 5 Berlin
2056 5 Columbus
1040 5 DeForest
3094 5 Dodgeland
3095 5 Horicon
3096 5 Hustisford
3080 5 Laconia
2059 5 Lodi
3081 5 Lourdes Academy
3082 5 Markesan
2060 5 Marshall
2051 5 Mauston
2080 5 Mayville
3083 5 Montello
3057 5 Necedah
2034 5 Nekoosa/Pt Edwards
3058 5 New Lisbon
3099 5 Oakfield
2040 5 Omro
1059 5 Oshkosh North
1060 5 Oshkosh West
3037 5 Pittsville
2061 5 Portage
3077 5 Poynette
3084 5 Princeton
1038 5 Reedsburg
2062 5 Rio/Fall River/Cambria-Friesland
2082 5 Ripon
1046 5 Sauk Prairie (Host)
1071 5 Sun Prairie
3045 5 Tri-County
3078 5 Waterloo
1047 5 Waunakee
2042 5 Waupaca
2083 5 Waupun
2041 5 Wautoma/Wild Rose
3085 5 Westfield
3046 5 Weyauwega-Fremont
1031 5 Wisconsin Rapids
2043 5 Winneconne
2055 5 Wisconsin Dells
Region 6
2018 6 Abbottsford/Colby
3040 6 Amherst
1009 6 Antigo
3033 6 Athens
3034 6 Auburndale
3047 6 Bonduel
3010 6 Chequamegon
2025 6 Clintonville
3049 6 Coleman
3027 6 Crandon
3028 6 Crivitz
1010 6 DC Everest
3035 6 Edgar
3029 6 Elcho
3030 6 Florence
3050 6 Gillett/Suring
1028 6 Hortonville
2032 6 Lakeland
3051 6 Lena/St Thomas Academy
3041 6 Manawa
3036 6 Marathon
2027 6 Marinette
1011 6 Marshfield
2021 6 Medford
3042 6 Menomonee Indian
1012 6 Merrill (Host)
2033 6 Mosinee
2039 6 New London
3052 6 Oconto
2028 6 Oconto Falls
2029 6 Peshtigo
3013 6 Phillips
1013 6 Rhinelander
3043 6 Rosholt
1023 6 Shawano
3044 6 Shiocton
3038 6 Spencer
1014 6 Stevens Point
3039 6 Stratford
3031 6 Three lakes
2035 6 Tomahawk
3007 6 Unity
3032 6 Wabeno/Laona
1015 6 Wausau East
1016 6 Wausau West
2036 6 Wittenberg-Birnamwood
Region 7 
3021 7 Aquinas
2019 7 Arcadia
2063 7 Belmont/Platteville
2020 7 Black River Falls
3022 7 Blair-Taylor
3061 7 Boscobel
3054 7 Brookwood
3055 7 Cashton
3023 7 Cochrane-Fountain City
2064 7 Cuba City/Southwestern
3062 7 De Soto
3067 7 Fennimore
3056 7 Hillsboro
1033 7 Holmen
3024 7 Independence/Gilmanton
3068 7 Iowa Grant/ Highland
3063 7 Kickapoo/La Farge
1034 7 La Crosse Central
1035 7 La Crosse Logan
3069 7 Lancaster
3025 7 Luther
2022 7 Melrose-Mindoro/Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau
3070 7 Mineral Point
3018 7 Mondovi
2023 7 Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
3064 7 North Crawford/Seneca
1036 7 Onalaska
1037 7 Osseo-Fairchild/Altoona/Augusta/Fall Creek
2067 7 Prairie du Chien/Wauzeka-Steuben
2068 7 Richland Center (Host)
3072 7 River Ridge/Cassville
3065 7 Riverdale
3059 7 Royall
2052 7 Sparta
1039 7 Tomah
2053 7 Viroqua
2054 7 West Salem/Bangor
3060 7 Westby
3066 7 Weston/Ithaca
3026 7 Whitehall
Region 8
2007 8 Amery
2001 8 Ashland
2012 8 Baldwin-Woodville
2002 8 Barron
3008 8 Bayfield/Washburn
2013 8 Bloomer/Colfax
3014 8 Boyceville
3009 8 Bruce
3015 8 Cadott
3001 8 Cameron
2008 8 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser/Prairie Farm
1001 8 Chippewa Falls
3002 8 Clear Lake
2014 8 Cornell/Gilmore/Lake Holcombe
3003 8 Cumberland
3016 8 Durand
1002 8 Eau Claire Memorial
1003 8 Eau Claire North (Host)
2015 8 Ellsworth
3011 8 Flambeau
3017 8 Glenwood City
2003 8 Hayward
1004 8 Hudson
3012 8 Ladysmith
2009 8 Luck/Frederic/Grantsburg
1005 8 Menomonie
1006 8 New Richmond
2004 8 Northwestern
3004 8 Northwood/Solon Springs
2010 8 Osceola
2016 8 Prescott
3019 8 Regis
2005 8 Rice Lake
1007 8 River Falls
3005 8 Shell lake
2104 8 Somerset
2006 8 Spooner
3020 8 Spring Valley/Elmwood
2017 8 St Croix Central
2011 8 St Croix Falls
2024 8 Stanley Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp
1008 8 Superior
3006 8 Turtle Lake/Clayton