Wisconsin Juniors to watch at Fargo

Wisconsin Juniors to watch at Fargo

by Wrestling Fan | June 22, 2017

Dylan & Brady Koontz (2nd year Juniors) 120 pounds. Since childhood the Koontz boys have been trekking around the country competing at national Freestyle & Greco events. They earned the respect from their competitors and fans alike. Expect to see both boys hitting the podium in both styles but as history serves correct, expect them to do better at Greco than Freestyle. We expect both the boys having an awesome chance of making the top 3 in both styles. How about a Koontz vs Koontz finals match?

Eric Barnett (1st year Junior) 120 pounds. Barnett has an impressive wrestling resume including making a World Team in Greco. However, his success has been in the lowest weight classes where he recently said in an interview he likes being the biggest wrestler in his bracket. Now at a heavier weight he struggled at UWW with kids his own size. Despite the recent setbacks in Ohio, Barnett has a chance of hitting the podium in Freestyle but perhaps knocking off a few competitors in Greco as well.

Brock Bergelin (2nd year Junior) 126 pounds. Bergelin has had some impressive wins at some of the nation’s largest tournaments. Last year he had an 8th place finish at Fargo earning him All American status. He will have another uphill climb to make the podium but he has the potential to do it.

Aaron Schulist (1st year Junior) 132 pounds. Schulist is a well know Wisconsin wrestler making the podium his first 3 years of high school. As he’s gotten older the climb to the top has been a bit tougher. Although he only trains in Freestyle, he has Greco in his blood. With a toolbox full of impressive throws and guts, Schulist will have a lot of tough matches to make the podium. Time and time again he has proven he has the strength, technique and heart to get the job done.

Drew Scharenbrock (2nd year Junior) 138 pounds. Scharenbrock has emerged from his brother’s shadow and proven that wrestling is in the family’s blood. With an impressive win at the Wisconsin state tournament, he has shown he can scrap with the best. Expect him to turn some heads with his fast leg attacks in Freestyle.

Garrett Model (2nd year Junior) 145 pounds. Model is one of the only wrestlers that seems to be comfortable in bad position. His composure and confidence shows each time he steps on the mat. Although a Freestyle wrestler, Model has proven his worth by recently beating Greco hopeful, Alston Nutter in Las Vegas. Model will be redshirting at the Badgers this upcoming school year. He has a great shot of stepping on the podium in Freestyle.

Tyler Dow (1st year Junior) 160 pounds. Dow, who is verbally committed to the Badgers, is always an exciting wrestler to watch. He fell short at the recent UWW tournament but still proved he’s a force to be reckoned with. Dow has a lot of overseas experience as well as frequent invitations to train at the Olympic Training Center. It won’t be any surprise if Dow finishes on top of the podium. Expect to see Dow more dominant in Greco than in Freestyle.

Jose Acosta (2nd year Junior) 170 pounds. Acosta has proven that he is a dominant wrestler in both styles. He has done great at Greco but knocks off some tough wrestlers in Freestyle as well. As he’s grown bigger the competition has gotten tougher as well. It will be no surprise if he makes the podium.

Jackson Hemauer (2nd year Junior) 182 pounds. Hemauer matches brings a lot of emotion from the crowd. Hemauer who is closely coached by his father has also committed to wrestle for the Badgers. Lately it appears Hemauer has focused more on Freestyle than Greco. We expect him to be hitting the podium in Freestyle.

Aric Bohn (2nd year Junior) 220 pounds. Bohn is an excellent wrestler, recently winning D1 Wisconsin state. He’s had a dominant high school career. Although impressive with a 3rd place win at the Cheesehead, he is rather untested against national level opponents. He has the potential to shut down a few opponents on their quest for the gold.

Keaton Kluever (2nd year Junior) 285 pounds. Kluever makes watching heavyweight matches fun and exciting. His winning match at the Wisconsin state tournament brought cheers from the crowd as his last-minute throw brought him the win. We are confident this year he’ll hit the podium in at least one style. He’s got some killer moves in his arsenal. Expect a slow starting match but don’t look away or you’ll miss the action because with the blink of an eye he will have his opponent on his back. We expect some big wins from Kluever.

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