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Wisconsin High School ALL-DECADE ALL-STAR Teams

Wisconsin High School ALL-DECADE ALL-STAR Teams

Wisconsin High School ALL-DECADE ALL-STAR Teams

Looking to create small groups to research and propose Wisconsin High School ALL-DECADE ALL-STAR teams.

Propose All-Decade Teams for the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s

We’ll begin announcing the All-Decade teams late January leading up the the State tournament and the 2010’s.

High School All-Decade teams from each decade selected by small committees. Input from Wisconsin wrestling fans. Based solely on high school achievement. The All-Star team can be selected with HM’s.

You can submit input two ways:
1) Volunteer to be part of a small group/committee of 2-4 individuals. You pick the decade.
2) Post your ideas/favorites from a decade or decades HERE and the small groups will have your input here.

If you wish to be part of a decade selection group or submit your selections other than on the forum email:

Place ‘All Decade’ in the subject line.

(More details below)

Let’s look back at Wisconsin High School Wrestling!

A tremendous resource/archive is the River Valley Wrestling page found HERE. State tournament programs from the 50’s on are available for research.

For Starters?
1940’s; Don Hafeman, West Milwaukee Champ 1947 – 105; 1948 – 125; 1949 – 135
1950’s; Roger Pillath, Coleman Champ 1959 – Unl.; 1960 – Unl.
1960’s; Jack Stone, Berlin Champ 1965 – 112; 1966 – 112
1970’s; Frank Velasquez, Racine Park Champ 1969 – 95; 1970 – 98; 1971 – 98
1980’s; Matt Hanutke, Pittsville Champ 1987 – 98; 1988 – 105; 1989 – 112; 1990 – 119
1990’s; Kevin Black, River Falls Champ 1995 – 103; 1996 – 112; 1997 – 112; 1998 – 119
2000’s; Zac Cibula, Luxemburg-Casco Champ 2005 – 130; 2006 – 140; 2007 – 145; 2008 – 152
2010’s; Jens Lantz, Ellsworth Champ 2011 – 103; 2012 – 113; 2013 – 120; 2014 – 126

That’s along with Rein, Meyer, Biegel, Richards, Harms and Smith… and the possibilities are endless!


With suggestions/proposals, Information is MOST HELPFUL IF:
List NAME of Wrestler, NAME of High School, Years of Competition, Years of State Placements. Also helpful would be Head To Head results with other wrestlers worthy of suggestion.

COLLEGE Resultsand other POST HS Results ARE IRRELEVANT This is All-Decade HIGH SCHOOL Teams.

All Decade Teams
One Wrestler Per Weigh Class at One Weight they competed at
Choose a wrester for each weight class of that decade. If the decade has more than one set of weight classes, chose a decade team for each sets of weights.
Criteria may include Junior and Cadet Nationals,  High School Nationals and Junior Worlds pre-college etc.
Greatest priority will to to High School results.
If a wrestler was in multiple weight classes the two, three, four years decisions need to be made where they would fit best.
If a wrestler competed across two decades they may fit in one better than the other or perhaps which ever decade they competed in the most.

Choices have to be made.

A heavier wrestler and a lighter wrestler are not in conflict as this is ‘team’ (one each weight class), not just the best wrestler of all in that decade.


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