WI Women win THREE Junior National Titles | Team 2nd

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WI Women win THREE Junior National Titles | Team 2nd

WI Women win THREE Junior National Titles | Team 2nd

Macey Kilty named Outstanding Wrestler in Junior Nationals, as she had been in Cadet Nationals!

A solid performance by the Wisconsin Womens Junior National Freestyle team secured a second place team finish, one point ahead of Washington. California dominated the 35 state competition, but Wisconsin and Washington outpaced the remainder of the competition by over 10 points.

Wisconsin won three individual championships (Alisha Howk 112lb, Macey Kilty 127lb, Jayden Laurent 144lb) and tallied eight medalists in the event.

Winning medalists included 112lb Gabrielle Skidmore (Spooner) 6th, 127lb Ashton Cadman (Waterford) 7th, 138lb Hannah Ramos (Kenosha) 5th,  152lb Kiana Pugh (Mosinee) 3rd, 180lb Natalie Kemp (DeForest) 3rd. (Full junior team roster posted below.)

In the 112 pound finals, Alisha Howk (River Falls) defeated Autumn Gordon (Ohio) 10-8. Howk opened scoring early, countering a shot for a takedown and securing a tilt taking a 4-0 lead in 20 seconds. That score stood throughout the first period. Opening the second period Gordon came out firing, trying a arm drag, front head lock and another arm drag finally scoring a takedown at 28 seconds. She then worked a ‘high gut’ for 2 and a tie 4-4 score. Gordon received 2 points for some sort of penalty while riding to lead 6-4. A far side single by Howk evened it at 6-6. A short drag takedown gave Howk an 8-6 lead with 1:13 left. Another takedown by Howk with less than :30 made it 10-6. Gordon scored one more takedown with :02 left and the match ended 10-8 Howk!

Macey Kilty (Stratford) wrapped up a double championship week, winning the Cadet title and the Junior title.
In the Junior finals against Ronna Heaton (South Dakota) Macey was warned for passivity twice in the opening period, resulting in a one point lead for Heaton. Kilty managed two takedowns off front headlocks for four points. Those four stood up the rest of the way and Kilty came out on top 4-1 over the powerful field at 127lb.

At 144lb Jayden Laurent (Denmark) took on Alara Boyd (Indiana). Jayden started fast hitting a headlock that became a slip then scored one point on a pushout to lead 1-0. Laurent scored two more on a takedown driving forward as Boyd attempted a toss. Boyd challenged, it was denied and Laurent led 7-0 with two minutes remaining.
Laurent remained aggressive throughout scoring again at 1:15 in the second for a 9-0 lead.
With 44 seconds remaining Boyd stepped out and Laurent won the match 10-0 at 5:16.

Shilson and Kilty among Cadet stars to also win Junior Women titles (From WIN Magazine)

112 — Alisha Howk (River Falls) dec. Autumn Gordon Sugar Grove, OH (Ohio), 10-8
127 — Macey Kilty (Stratford) dec. Ronna Heaton Brookings, SD (South Dakota), 4-1
144 — Jayden Laurent (Denmark) won by TF over Alara Boyd (Muncie, Indiana), 10-0 5:16

112lb Alisha Howk (River Falls) 1st
127lb Macey Kilty (Stratford) 1st
144lb Jayden Laurent (Denmark) 1st
112lb Gabrielle Skidmore (Spooner) 6th
127lb Ashton Cadman (Waterford) 7th
138lb Hannah Ramos (Kenosha) 5th
152lb Kiana Pugh (Mosinee) 3rd
180lb Natalie Kemp (DeForest) 3rd

All Team Scores Below
Results at FloWrestling/FloArena
Photos screenshots: FloWrestling/FloArena

Team Scores

1 California 99
2 Wisconsin 45
3 Washington 44
4 Illinois 32
5 New York 29
6 Texas 28
7 Colorado 27
8 Kansas 17
8 Pennsylvania 17
10 Virginia 16
11 Oregon 15
12 Ohio 14
13 Georgia 11
14 Alaska 10
15 Hawaii 9
16 Arizona 8
16 Connecticut 8
16 Minnesota 8
19 Indiana 7
19 South Dakota 7
21 Florida 6
21 Michigan 6
23 Idaho 5
23 Oklahoma 5
25 Iowa 4
25 Maine 4
25 New Jersey 4
25 Tennessee 4
25 Utah 4
30 Maryland 3
30 Nevada 3
30 North Dakota 3
33 Missouri 1
33 Montana 1
35 Arkansas –
35 Kentucky –
35 Louisiana –
35 Nebraska –
35 New Mexico –



Wisconsin Junior National Team

112 lbs Alisha Howk (River Falls)
112 lbs Allie Grobarchik (Burlington/Wilmot HS)
127 lbs Ashton Cadman (Waterford)
122 lbs Elizah Leonard (Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells HS)
112 lbs Emilee Orosz  (Oak Creek)
112 lbs Gabrielle Skidmore  (Spooner/Cumberland HS)
112 lbs Gwendolyn Golueke  (Poynette)
138 lbs Hannah Ramos  (Kenosha/Bradford HS)
144 lbs Jayden Laurent  (Denmark)
112 lbs Jetlyn Michonski  (Clintonville)
112 lbs Josie Bartishofski  (Weston/ East HS)
122 lbs Katelynn Gunderson  (McFarland)
152 lbs Kiana Pugh  (Mosinee)
164 lbs Lacey Jung  (Clintonville)
127 lbs Macey Kilty  (Stratford)
127 lbs Megan Struble  (Seymour)
180 lbs Natalie Kemp  (DeForest)
122 lbs Phoenix Horn  (Burlington)
100 lbs Rachel Trevino  (Wausau/West HS)
117 lbs Rhiannon Kuske  (Hortonville)
164 lbs Sarah Engedal  (Oshkosh/West HS)
180 lbs Tabitha Breitrick  (Clintonville)














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