Wisconsin Little Ten Conference Early Preview 2016-2017

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff March 30, 2016 23:10

Wisconsin Little Ten Conference Early Preview 2016-2017

What’s returning in the WLT…. | Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | Early Preview

Last year was one of the more balanced years in the WLT in years.   Based on inspiration from Ghetto on the North Shore thread (great job!), I went thru and put together what is returning, on paper.  There are so many variables and things will change like the weather, but fun to take a look at what next year holds….  For the youth kids coming up, I researched the WWF state youth tourney this past weekend.  I am sure I missed some kids feeding into schools because they have an elite club affiliation and used that club as their team name at state.

Teams (in order of returning conference tournament points)

Slinger (156 returning conference tournament points)

Slinger loses only two seniors from their WLT Tri-Conf and Regional Championship dual team.  The team will be led by returning Conference Champs and state qualifiers Adam Beine, Hudson Mountjoy and Caleb Ziebell (5th at state).  Cam Tonsor-Heesen and Logan Stegemeyer came close as well, finishing 3rd at sectionals.  The Owls squad next year will feature an almost entire team of wrestlers that have been starters since their freshman year.  The youth program qualified 15 wrestlers for state and had 7 place winners, who were all in 6th-8th grade.  Ryan Tuttle (5th place) and Hunter Jeranek were the two 8th graders that qualified for youth state.

(109 returning)

Cooney loses their two standouts in Samson and Laughlin.   Three other seniors depart from their Dual Conf championship team as well.  But anyone who saw Cooney’s JV team this year knows that they have an abundance of bodies in their wrestling room.  They will be led by Christian Gurule (conf champ), Luke Hyland (2nd) and Dan Kingston (2nd).  Cooney had a fantastic dual season and wrestles in one of the toughest Regional/Sectionals in the state, so you know their returning lineup will be battle tested.  They had a few youth qualifiers in the upper weights, which is typically a strength of the Cooney program.

Wisconsin Lutheran (102.5)

State Runner Up and Dual/Individual Conference Champion ‘Wisco’ loses some of their top guns, but the cupboard is definitely not bare.  Brian Corbins (3rd at state), German Fitzgerald (6th at state), Lucas Roecker (Qualifier) and Elijah Rauch (Qualifier) will be back.  Throw in Jacob Evans (Conference Runner Up) and you have a very solid core of returning wrestlers.  The 7 seniors they lose will be difficult to replace in terms of production, but Coach Roecker has proven how to build a program.  Youth wrestler Lucas Nygaard could very well step in to fill one of the lower weight spots and school choice will continue to aid Wisco in their success.

Beaver Dam (101)

Beaver Dam took Cooney and Slinger right down to the last match and will be in the upper echelon next year, gunning for a conference title. 6 seniors will depart from the Beavers, who finished 3rd at the Conf meet and 2nd at Regionals.   But, when you have your two state qualifiers returning, there are many returning team points.  Devin De Los Angeles (conf champ) and Wyatt Wells (Runner up to Samson) will be on a mission to get on the State podium next year.  Miquel Flores and Kolbe DLA had nice years as well and will be counted on.  Not sure on the youth program as the three wrestlers who made it were all in the younger groups.

Hartford (81)

The Beau Breske run is over at Hartford and what a great run it was.  But, Hartford only loses 4 seniors from their team, so they will be in the mix next year.  Returning conf runner up (and possible state qualifier last year if not for injury) Quinn Meinerz will be on a mission next year and could make noise at the state tourney.  Jared Stark put together a great season as an undersized Freshman.  Hartford will bring in youth wrestler Jalen Spuhler who last year racked up a WWF triple crown and just won his second state title.  They have a few other 8th graders who could contribute as well next year.  Don’t sleep on Hartford.

West Bend West (61.5)

The seniors that West loses were 3 of the 4 studs on the West team.  But, with Anthony Schlass returning, they have a great athlete to build around.  Schlass qualified for state for the 2nd year in a row and was a Conf Champ.  Jacob Werner had a nice finish to his year and will be a tough matchup as a Senior.  Since the Wildcat youth club is all of West Bend, it is hard to determine where the boys will go to school.  West needs to fill their holes in the lineup as they had a few weights last year that weren’t filled.

West Bend East (38)

East loses 5 seniors from their team and had some open weights last year as well, like their building mates West had. The team will be led by returning State Qualifier Bryce Henschel who came on at the right time of the year last year.  Cooper Schlosser had a nice freshman year and will be looked upon as a leader next year.  Coach Henschel has done a great job invigorating the youth program and will welcome another son, Cayden, to the varsity squad next year. Cayden will be a performer from day one.  Look for Dan Ciriacks to also be an incoming Frosh who contributes right away.  Mark my words, East will compete week in and week out.

Watertown (33)

The Goslings had a tough year last year, but things are looking upward on the horizon.  Of the 7 wrestlers they brought to Conference, they only lose one senior, and the rest of the returning squad are all underclassmen (besides one).  Frosh Nick Logan improved as the year went on as well as Clayton Goodman, Steven Maule and Matt Brewster.  With those wrestlers returning, Watertown will be improved next year.  There is another Logan brother in middle school who was a state runner up this year that will be here in a few years and Watertown had a nice number of youth wrestlers qualify for state.  Former Hartford State Champion Ryan Abbott is helping the program, so look for the Goslings to continue to rise.

Author ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ (WIWrestling Forum Member)

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Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff March 30, 2016 23:10


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