Tuesdays with Barry 4-26-2016

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff April 26, 2016 19:13

Tuesdays with Barry 4-26-2016

Tuesdays with Barry 4-26-2016

Alumni, Friends and Family,

UWW Junior Nationals
Right now we are planning on taking 10 wrestlers to compete in the UWW Junior National Championships in Las Vegas this weekend. Future Badgers Evan and Zander Wick will also participate with the mostly college field. This competition will qualify into the Junior World Team Trials that will be held in Dallas TX the third weekend in May. The competition at most of the weights will be fierce as the USA has several very talented wrestlers that are in the 17-20 year age group. This includes athletes that just competed in the Olympic Trials and individuals that have won Cadet and Junior World medals. Coach Hull and Stanford Assistant Coach Jamil Kelly are assigned to Coach the Junior World Team at the World Championships in France this September.

Jesse and Olympic Qualification
Last weekend Jesse Thielke was in Mongolia in his attempt to get qualified for the Olympic Games. Unfortunately he was not able to finish in the top 3 at the event. Jesse will have one final opportunity at the last chance Olympic Qualifier in two weeks in Istanbul, Turkey. He will have to make the finals of this competition to get qualified. Jesse has made a strong commitment to Greco and if he gets qualified to the Olympics, has the ability to medal in the Games. Since this qualification system has been in place, there have been individuals that qualified into the Olympics at the last qualifier that have gone on and earned a medal, so it has been done!

Team Foxcatcher Documentary on Netflix
At 12:01 am on April 29, Netflix will make available the documentary Team Foxcatcher. Attached is an interview that Coach Hull did with Jon Greenhalgh (the producer/director) and Nancy Schultz Vitangeli about the project. This certainly will be the most complete telling of the Foxcatcher story that has been done. Badger All-American wrestler John Giura was involved with the interviews and also gives an emotional interview himself.

Summer Schedule  
We are asking a big commitment of our guys this summer as we lay out the training plans. Most individuals will be in Madison for a minimum of 6 weeks from June 20 to August 12. This is the time we need to make gains on the competition. Coach Ruschell is taking the leadership role in coordinating the team training for the summer. Coach Brandvold will also be involved with this along with coordinating the recruiting and helping coach the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Junior Team. Our Staff will also be working with USA Wrestling with the Cadet World Team Training Camp and the 2020 Olympic Development camp held at the SPIRE Institute outside of Cleveland OH.

RTC Training
The Wisconsin Regional Training Center practices have been taking place on Monday and Thursday evenings since late March and will run through the first week in June. We will also have a training camp on May 27-28 in preparation for the UWW Cadet World Team Trials and the University Nationals, held together in Akron OH the following week. The RTC has allowed us to not only train the Badger Team  but also help the top High School athletes as they workout with our Badger wrestlers in the Olympic styles. Nearly 30 elite High School athletes from Wisconsin and Illinois have participated this year and will expect more to come to the camp in late May. Last year there were 18 High School participants in the May camp that made the State finals this year (14 won state titles).

Kalscheur Steak Fry
I am working with Head Football Coach Paul Chryst and Head Basketball Coach Greg Gard on their schedules for this event as both have offered their support of the Badger Wrestling Club fundraiser if they are in town. I expect to be able to let you know the date with the next Tuesdays with Barry communication!

Go Badgers!
Coach Davis


Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff April 26, 2016 19:13


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