North Shore Conference Early Preview 2016-2017

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff March 30, 2016 22:35

North Shore Conference Early Preview 2016-2017

North Shore Conference Early Preview 2016-2017

Now that NCAAs is over, and the 12 weight thread has died down, it’s time to look forward to next season. (with a little looking back as well)

First, what a great group of seniors we are losing. I’m far too lazy to look back, but have we had this large a group of kids who placed at state? Either way, thank you to the seniors who have made North Shore wrestling so fun to watch over the past few years. My apologies to state qualifiers that I miss. I go off memory, and it’s not good.

106- Zack Szohr (placewinner as a Jr)
113- Arturo Duran (placewinner)
120- Cooper Fergus (2-2 at state)
132- Josh Hickey (placewinner)
132- Manny Rosado (placewinner)
152- Tommy Makela
160- Ryder Sigler
170- Tyler Denmark
195- Cullen Bauer-Trottier

Teams (in order of returning conference tournament points)

Port Washington (156 returning points)

Port loses the two state qualifiers, but that’s it. While it’s hard to replace those guys, they have the depth (and it seems like they have a kid coming up that contributes) to regain their top spot in the conference for next year. Oliver Rosado is starting to come around, and Preston Makoutz needs to break out (see what I did there?). They’ll also get Cody Green back from injury. There is no rock star in this group, but they are a solid group of kids who all contribute.

Cedarburg (118 returning)

Cedarburg will have three possible state qualifiers in Boerner, Grudzinski and Ryan. As always, I have no idea what is coming up the pipeline, but they are building numbers again and that depth will keep them in the top three for next season.

Germantown (116.5)

I thought GT lost a lot more than they did. I thought they were senior from top to bottom. Kevin Tamboli, Mason Wheeler and Domonique Bennett were all one match away from qualifying for state last year. Waymon McNeal was in a brutal sectional bracket, so they could possibly qualify four kids for the state tournament. Losing 8 seniors hurts, but they have quite a few JV kids to fill the holes.

Nicolet (73.5)

Nicolet has to be excited for Parker Keckeisen’s 5th place finish at state at 160. That’s quite an accomplishment for a freshman. I think there’s an Ott coming up, and they have a large middle school team, so they will likely hold their position in the top half of the conference for next season. Ryan Kuesel will grow into a bigger 106 and be a force to reckon with, and Nicolet returns the first four weights for next season. They are maybe a year away, but there’s a nice group of young kids right around the corner.

Grafton (62)

Jonathan Duran is the best of the returning kids from Grafton. Nick Rapp took third in conference in a weight class with two state qualifiers, and will only get stronger going into his junior year. Like many of us on the bottom half of the conference, it’s the kids coming up that we need to fill holes. If Grafton has a ton of those, they’ll be closer to the middle again like in 2015.

Homestead (48)

Cooper “the baby faced assassin” Hunt is the best of Homestead’s group. After placing 5th at conference he put together three great weeks of wrestling and won an exciting wrestle-back to make it to the state tournament. His two matches up at the Kohl Center should give him some incentive for next season. They may be a few recruiting classes away from building their strong numbers.

Whitefish Bay (30)

We lose the winningest wrestler in school history in Cooper Fergus. He’s not replaceable. I hope we can build off of our 3rd place finish at regionals and start to put some bodies back in the lineup so we can be competitive again. We get a really nice freshman, but he’s only one kid. He’s going to need to be the Pied Piper and find some friends, because we had one freshman on the team this year. We will get back 2 kids from injury who would have given us a few more points.

Milwaukee Lutheran (24)

Lutheran graduates two really good kids in Kroupa and Witty. 10 of their points came at 285 without a win. I think Coach Meulendyke will make them better, but he needs some kids to work with. It’s a tough sell there, and I hope he can get some bodies in that room.

Author – Ghetto (WIWrestling Forum member)

Photo: 132lb. North Shore rivals at WIAA State Awards: Josh Hickey (Cedarburg) 5th, Manny Rosado (Port Washington) 6th

Returning Conference Place; winners (top 4)

Port Washington:
Oliver Rosado; 2nd Place
Jacob Weismuller; 4th Place
Preston Makoutz; 2nd Place
Trey Borth; 3rd Place
Sal Gauthier; 3rd Place
Lukas Burke; 2nd Place
Tristan Griswold; 4th Place
Cody Lewis; 3rd Place

Sam Boener; 2nd
Max Grudzinski; 1st
Colton Ryan; 2nd
Andrew Temmer; 2nd
Jason Miller; 2nd

Kevin Tamboli; 2nd
Eric Abel; 3rd
Waymon Mcneal; 1st
Trey Wilson; 4th
Domique Bennett; 1st

Jonathan Duran; 4th
Logan Lamas; 4th
Nick Rapp; 3rd
Vince Giorgi; 3rd

Ryan Kuesel; 3rd
Robert Lagerman; 4th
Parker Keckeisen; 2nd

Previews of 16-17

The mats are still warm, but we’re looking for a ‘look ahead’ at your Conference for 2016-2017!
Send your preview and at least one picture to:

Looking ahead: Previews of 16-17 by Wisconsin Wrestling Fans

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff March 30, 2016 22:35


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