‘Give Wrestling a Shot’

By TomM December 19, 2017 12:11

‘Give Wrestling a Shot’

‘Give Wrestling a Shot’

New USAW wrestling outreach called “Give Wrestling a Shot.”

Purpose of the program is to attract brand new kids to try wrestling. Flowrestling/USAwrestling are partnering to make Wisconsin a test state, running additional social media and promotion to see what affect it can have.

“I think this is a great opportunity for us as a community to help introduce our great sport to new people.” – Ben Askren

What can you do:
1- Register your club on GiveWrestlingaShot
If you have more questions you can contact Wisconsin State Coach Scott Kluever ( wwfstatecoach@yahoo.com )
There will be a database of all Wisconsin clubs sponsoring the event.
After registering you will receive addtional information via email.

2- Share all social media on the promotion. (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

3- Encourage people you know whose kids do not wrestle to “give wrestling a shot” at one of the sites.

NOTE: It is best to invite new kids in a non-threatening manner (i.e. DON’T use “Are you man enough to wrestle” or “Why don’t you wrestle, are you to wimpy”. These challenges to masculinity do not work with kids in 2017.
Instead, try the following:
– “You look pretty scrappy, I think you’d be good at it”
– “You’d be good at wrestling, you should give it a try”
– “You look strong, you should try wrestling”
– “A lot of your friends wrestle, you should try it”
– “You’d have fun wrestling”
– “I think you’d be good at wrestling”
Or create your own positive approach.

“Hope you guys put some muscle behind this, I think it could be a great program.” – Ben Askren

By TomM December 19, 2017 12:11
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