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The Division One #160 WIAA Individual State Final featured two crowd favorite powerhouses. Senior Tyler Dow (49-1) of Stoughton and Senior Peyton Mocco (50-1) of West Allis Nathan Hale were both looking to defend their state titles from last year.

Mocco won the #152 title last year, and Dow took home the #160 title. Lucky for us, Mocco moved up this year to give us spectators a show in what has been dubbed the #BoutoftheCentury.

Arrowhead’s Keegan O’Toole coined the term when he tweeted Friday night to the WIAA and Wisconsin Wrestling Federation that they should start the finals at #170 so the #160 brawl would end the night.

The tweet received a lot of attention and only added to the hype of one of the most anticipated match ups of the night. Plus, O’Toole had a point. The NCAA picks the weight they want to end the national tournament with based on which match fans ware most anticipating.

The two met up earlier in the year in what ended up being a 21-point offensive show. In the end, it was Dow who took the match 11-10, handing Mocco what would be his only loss on the year. Heading into the tournament, both men knew the there was a good chance they would end up facing each other again at some point.

Before the match Coach Ferrell had a moment where it looked like he was angry with Mocco. When asked, both Coach Ferrell and Mocco said it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Peyton is kind of an intense kid when it gets closer to a match,” Coach Ferrell said. “We have found that before a match if he feeds off of me and I feed off of him it kind of works well together especially in those situations. We’ve done pretty well with that.”

Mocco echoed that sentiment.

“He was just saying to me the same thing he always does before a big match,” Mocco said. “He will go it’s you and me against the world.”

Mocco went on to explain what he thinks Coach Ferrell means when he says that.

“I think it’s just his way of reminding me that all I need to worry about is me, what he [Coach Ferrell] is saying to me in the match, and that nothing is more important in that moment in time. I just need to focus on my match.”

As the match started you could sense that almost every eye in the arena was fixed on mat one. In the first period Mocco was able to scramble and get the takedown and put Dow into a cradle that looked stupid tight with a lot of time left on the clock.

Miraculously, Dow was able to escape the cradle. In the second period, knowing he was down by a decent amount Dow went for a throw. Somehow Mocco was able to defend it and Dow was again on his back with short time left in the period.

Heading into the third period, Mocco held a large 10-2 lead. He chose bottom. He was then able to escape and it was back on their feet. After much shooting, scrambling and countering, Mocco would grab the 11-2 major decision as the crowd looked on somewhat stunned.

It wasn’t the outcome of the match that was stunning. It was the fact that the match with the arguably the most hype was not even particularly close. Most people assumed the match would come down to the wire.

When asked if he knew about the amount of attention the match had gained on social media, Mocco said he knew and said all the hype did add a little extra nervousness.

“Throughout the day I [was nervous], but once I got back here [the Kohl Center] and started my warm up, all the extra nerves were gone and I was just focused to go out there and wrestle the best match I could.”

This match was one for the record books, and it definitely won’t be forgotten anytime soon by anyone in attendance. Congratulations to both Tyler Dow and Peyton Mocco on outstanding high school careers.

Photo: Abigail Ruckdashel

By TomM March 3, 2018 08:54