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Promoting Wisconsin Wrestling, Preserving it’s History, and Perpetuating the Vision of George Martin (1911-1971)

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Volume 2-Number 1 WWCA Sage Alumni Chapter Newsletter January 2010 (pdf) (full version with graphics)

Volume 1-Number 3 WWCA Sage Alumni Chapter Newsletter July 2009 (pdf) (full version with graphics)

Promoting Wisconsin Wrestling, Preserving it's History,

and Perpetuating the Vision of George Martin


"The Epic of Gilgamesh" is considered by many scholars to be the oldest extant piece of literature in the world. Written some 4,500 years ago on clay tablets in ancient Sumer (now Iraq), it tells the story of a warrior king named Gilgamesh who ruled in the city of Uruk.
One of the main themes is the wrestling match between Gilgamesh and the formidable Enkidu, a wild man from the forest.
Mike Chapman, Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum executive director,
uses the story in speeches to convey the power of wrestling as Mankind's Oldest Sport. But for decades, he has never seen a good etching or painting of the legendary wrestling match.
"There are dozens of images of Jacob wrestling the angle of the Lord, as described in the Bible, but none that I could find of Gilgamesh wrestling Enkidu," said Mike. "So, I decided the museum needed to create its own artwork."
Mike asked Tadaaki Hatta, former NCAA champion for Oklahoma state (1965) and a skilled artist, if he would paint one. Tadaaki agreed. Now, wrestling fans can own a special, limited edition
print of the full-color artwork, signed by Tadaaki Hatta. "It is a companion piece to the 'Sport of Lincoln' print we did a decade ago," said Mike. "It is printed on the same quality and color paper, the same size. The two prints would look terrific hanging side by side in a wrestling room or office. They are true collector items." Only 50 signed and numbered prints are available. Anyone wishing to own one can order through the Dan Gable museum website - at www.wrestlingmuseum.org
- or they can call the Dan Gable Wrestling Museum (319-233-0745) for more information.
Signed prints are $35 while they last and there is
a $15 charge for shipping and handling.


WISAA Records
Records from all 42 years of WISAA w r e s t l i n g ( t o u r n a m e n t s , coaches, etc.) were recently located in the Wi. State Historical Society Archives in Madison. Totaling 307 (single sided) pages, they document memories of some great wrestling years. Very well done, beautifully typed with schools, coaches, records, etc. Look for them to appear, in part, in the next edition of Wisconsin Wrestling History. (2012)


The Webs Best of Amateur Wrestling- www.wrestlingsbest.com
I am a collector of most anything. My passion is ‘marbles’... or maybe scouting memorabilia... or maybe logging tools... or? How did I ever get through over 50 yrs in this sport and not get the urge to collect wrestling cards!? Would you believe I never new they existed... until a few years ago. I assumed there were just a few here and there and not worth looking for... there are ‘many’,
(although ‘old’ cards may be very hard to find), and more than just a few collectors. It’s never too late... I could get hooked on looking for these tidbits of wrestling history.
Tom Fortunato, (The Best of Amateur Wrestling < www.wrestlingsbest.com > recently sent out the following email.


Most of my time has been spent digging into a new set of collectible cards by a company called Press Pass. Their new "Fusion" set includes some wrestlers you're familiar with--seven to be exact--Bruce Baumgartner, Randy Couture, Dan Gable, Mo Lawal, Brock Lesnar, Cael
Sanderson and Dan Severn. I haven't been able to find a complete official checklist of these cards, but have found at least one good unofficial one. There are 90 current and former athletes from an assortment of sports featured in a "complete" set of basic cards. However the cards are
quite a challenge to compile due to their variety (numerous special limited numbered issues, including autographs) and their cost ($60 for a box of 40 mixed cards with at least 2 autographs guaranteed in each box). Some of the prices for individual cards on the secondary market will blow you away--as if their retail cost per box hasn't already. So I've scoured the web for examples from those offered for sale on eBay and similar sites to create my own "virtual collection" of about half of the wrestling varieties. Check the first of two pages of them here: http://www.wrestlingsbest.com/collectibles/wrestuffcards020.html
If you want to learn more about the cards themselves, see these resources:
Have fun checking these out, and let me know if you run across other images I can add to my virtual collection!
Best wishes,
Tom Fortunato
The Web's Best of Amateur Wrestling


Well, if you haven’t visited Tom’s “Best of Amateur Wrestling” site, you should. He has one of the most interesting collections of everything wrestling. Pictures, movies, animated wrestling moves.... you name it. His home page quote: “Welcome to the web's largest collection of links, photos, gifts and more related to amateur wrestling! Started in 1997, this site is the reference for
all aspects of man's oldest and best sport. “ He has compiled over 6000 links to wrestling sites and has been visited by millions of visitors. Allow some time...... there is enough to keep you’re wrestling passion busy for many hours. The pics are from one of his links www.wrestlingtradingcards.com . This sport has a great history, and will forever, thanks


“Wisconsin Wrestling History”
We have a date for the release of a revised “History....” spring 2012. With the help of all those who wish to contribute, the next edition will be ready for the 2012 WIAA State Individual tournament. We’re seeking corrections, additions and other ideas to add to the 192 p. in the current edition. Send your comments to:wwca.wrestlinghistory@gmail.com  or contact
Jim Stephenson: jswildns@tds.net .


George Martin Hall of Fame Members: Go to www.wwca.org (HOF) to review your biographies. Many of the early inductees should update biographies, especially those who stayed active in wrestling after your induction. Also, we would like to find information on members who have been lost (moved, deceased). Send your revision/information to:
Bob Olson, New Richmond, Wi. rolson12@frontiernet.net  or call 1-715-377-2893


The city of West Bend, Wisconsin has two different high schools, West and East, located on the same campus. Although the schools have different students, teachers, principals, and sports teams, they share the same building. They also share an auditorium, music department, gymnasium complex, and natatorium. In athletics, both East and West participate in the Little
Ten Conference. The mascots for the schools are the West Bend West Spartans and the West Bend East Suns. Recently there has been debate about whether to merge the two schools.
For all incoming freshmen without any older siblings, the determination as to which school a student attends is made using birth dates. Students born on even-numbered dates attend West Bend East. Those born on odd-numbered dates attend West Bend West. Students with brothers or sisters already in high school follow their eldest sibling so that all children from a family
attend the same high school. A problem with this method is that there are seven more odd days than even days in a year. A proposed solution was to make three odd days honorary even days.


Watch wrestling videos, including great matches at The Clash, at Flowrestling
( www.flowrestling.org/ ). You have to register (free) to partake. Much more, even if you’re retired. Have some extra cash in your budget, sign up for Technique Wave.... great for your team. $20 monthly/$150 yr. and worth it. Dynamite website.


Theodore Glenn Scalissi (Ted)
Position: HB
Height: 5-8 Weight: 173 lbs.
Born: October 26, 1921 in Madison,WI
College: Ripon
Drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 17th round (151st overall)
of the 1947 NFL Draft.
Wrestling coach at Mosinee-58-59


The Korean War: "Reflections of a Young Combat Platoon Leader"
Author : Dr Howard Mathias
ISBN : 0-942407-17-2
Price : $ 15.95
Pages : 240

Dr. Howard Mathias- George Martin Hall of Fame
Class of 1985
This illustrated book gives clear reflections upon life of the on-line foot soldier in the trenches and bunkers of the mountains of Korea. Join Lt. Matthias and his platoon on the line as they live through daily patrols, ambushes, sleepless nights, bunkers, trenches, boredom, harassment from above, rats, mosquitoes, casualties and constant trauma. Enjoy some of the incidents related
to the life of the on line foot soldier such as "Warm Beer", "R and R", "The Wonderful flood", and "The Rocket". Excerpt from Inside Flap: In June, 1952 a young Marine second lieutenant was sent to Korea to serve as a combat platoon leader. Although America had
committed several million men, spent enormous sums of money and suffered tremendous casualties, the war reached a stalemate that our political leaders decided could not be won. This war is sometimes referred to as “The Korean Conflict:, which rankles Korean War veterans. America suffered as many casualties in three years of this war as they did in ten years in Viet Nam. North Korea suffered over one million fatalities and China probably lost well over 500,000. This was not conflict; this was a horrible, bloody war.
This book expresses the emotions of sorrow, sadness and bitterness along with a deep sense of pride, joy and personal satisfaction. We hope you will enjoy the book while you gain a better understanding of the futility of this war.

Howard Matthias was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois in 1929. Upon graduating from high school in Crete, Illinois, he continued his undergraduate studies at the University of Dubuque and River Falls State College and his graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, attaining MS degree in Physical Education. He attained his Ph.D. in Education at Michigan State University.
In June, 1952 Second Lieutenant Howard Matthias was sent to Korea to serve as a combat platoon leader. Lieutenant Matthias commanded a small unit of Marines for six months until he was seriously wounded. Following his long hospitalization, he finished two years active duty and served in the Reserves for an additional five years. He was discharged with the rank of Captain.
Howard received a Silver Star, Purple Heart and other medals of service associated with combat in Korea. The author became a high school teacher and coach in Wisconsin for fifteen years. Later upon earning his doctorate in 1971 he became the Director of the Highway Safety Center at St. Cloud State University. He is the recipient of several awards during his teaching career including Teacher of the Year, induction into the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame and
several honors for his role as Director of the Highway Safety Center at St. Cloud State University. His teaching has specialized in the area of driver education, transportation and safety. He has been a prolific writer of articles and studies in the area of traffic safety with over twenty-eight published articles.


From Coach Martin - Newsletter- Jan. 1954
As you probably know, interscholastic wrestling is making excellent progress in Wisconsin, as in many other states. More high schools have added wrestling this year than in any previous two or three years combined, and I am confident this growth will continue in the years ahead. We welcome into the wrestling circle the following schools this season. Kenosha, Manitowoc, Marshfield, Middleton, Milwaukee Juneau, Milwaukee Riverside, Sevastopol and Stoughton.
We all appreciate the fact that those schools will not win many meets their first year, or even their second; it just isn’t in the cards for a beginner to win many bouts from an opponent who has a year or two experience. We all began from scratch at on time, and come up the hard way, so we know what it is. So, the best of wishes to you new men; hang in there, your time will come.
As our wrestling grows in number of schools participating, we want it also to grow in (prestige), in favor with school administrators parents and the public. Perhaps (all) these items cannot be realized at once, but I am convinced they are worth striving for and that the sooner we achieve these, and others you will add, the better our wrestling will be. If wrestling is worth saving, it is worth having it right.

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