Tuesdays with Barry (4-12-16)

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff April 12, 2016 18:00

Tuesdays with Barry (4-12-16)

Tuesdays with Barry (Tuesday, April 12, 2016)

Alumni, Friends and Family,

Olympic Trials
This past weekend our staff attended the Olympic Trials in Iowa City. USA Wrestling and the Iowa Athletic Department again did a great job hosting the event. I also have to thank the Wrestling International Federation as in the process of cleaning out the leadership and keeping wrestling in the Olympics three years ago, they changed several rules. These rule changes helped create more exciting wrestling, where luck of pulling the right color ball out of a bag no longer matters! The rules may not be perfect, but it has sure helped determine the better (not luckier) wrestler.

Athletes from Wisconsin and ties to the Badger Wrestling Program represented themselves well over the weekend. Ben Provisor made the Greco-Roman Olympic Team and Jesse Thielke beat two Olympians to win his weight class. Jesse isn’t an Olympian-yet-as his weight has not been qualified for the USA. Jesse will be going to Mongolia next week to compete against representatives from the other countries that have yet to qualify. Those that do not place in the top 3 will get one more chance to qualify two weeks later in Turkey (where you have to place in the top 2). Jesse has shown how talented he is in Greco-Roman by focusing solely, and working hard on this style the past 12 months.

Others had success as well. Alex Derringer took 3rd place along with former Badger Tyler Graff. Andrew Howe took second for the second time in the Olympic Trials. Unfortunately he is at the same weight as Jordan Burroughs, one of the greatest freestyle wrestlers in US history.

Connor Medbery finished 2-2 and placed in the top 8 at the Olympic Trials. Connor will take a couple weeks off and then focus on his pursuit of an NCAA title next season-along with his medical school plans. Connor worked hard this past year, competing oversees twice and training with our top upper-weights, including Olympians Tervel Dlagnev and Kyle Snyder. I can’t wait to get him back into a Badger singlet!

Last week Zander and Evan Wick both won the USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals held at Northern Iowa. Neither had a very close match.

Steak Fry
We have been getting some questions on the date of the Steak Fry this summer. We are working on the details of this, along with checking on the Badger Football and Basketball coach’s schedules to see if they can attend.  Will let you know the date soon.

Go Badgers
Coach Davis

Will Wendorff
By Will Wendorff April 12, 2016 18:00


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