Train hard, study hard: Medbery working on and off the mat

By TomM October 10, 2015 08:52

Train hard, study hard: Medbery working on and off the mat

MADISON, Wis. —¬†With their eyes on the prize at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, NCAA qualifiers Connor Medbery and Jesse Thielke have opted to take an Olympic redshirt for the 2015-16 season, head coach Barry Davis announced in early July.Senior Medbery and junior Thielke, are both coming off NCAA qualifying seasons, but are excited by the challenge to try and represent the United States in Brazil. caught up with Medbery to talk about how his Olympic redshirt season is going and what’s ahead for the 2015 All-American.

How is your Olympic Redshirt year going?

“It’s going pretty well so far. I’ve had a few opportunities to train at different places and just get some different experiences and stuff. Obviously over the summer I was at some different places too. I had my tonsils taken out which put me out of commission for about a week or so. I’m getting back into things now and it’s a little different without school and stuff but it’s gone well.

“Where have you gone so far?”

I was out in North Carolina at NC State where Timmy (McCall) is at now. And then I was over to Michigan and Ohio State. It was cool to see Timmy and to have just a familiar face in the room and just as a contact to reach out to. Going to train there for a little bit and then see how he’s doing was really cool.”

Has there been anyone in particular that you’ve gotten to wrestle that’s been helpful?

“Just the different variety has been helpful just kind of getting different feels for different styles and stuff and then obviously being able to come back here and work on different things with Trevor (Brandvold) after I’ve figured out some different stuff so it’s been really good.”

Is it a hard adjustment to not have school while you’re training?

“Yeah, it’s been a little different. I’m still studying and stuff for the MCAT obviously and so that’s kind of filling my team in between practices and stuff but it’s definitely weird not having a structure. I’m taking the MCAT in January.”

What is a typical day for you like?”

I usually come in and get a workout in in the morning and then in the past couple weeks I’ve just been hanging around here and studying and stuff and then another workout in the afternoon and then I go home and go to bed.”

Has it been different for you and your teammates?”

Yeah, it’s been kind of weird because I’ve kind of been in and out so just kind of coming back when I’ve been gone for a while is kind of different. All the guys have been great, they always welcome me back and stuff so that’s been good but we’re just trying to get as much workouts as we can in since next year we’ll hopefully be a tight group of guys and obviously they have their training to do as well so it’s been good.”



By TomM October 10, 2015 08:52
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