Top 10 Wisconsin All Class Season Preview (2015-2016)

By TomM November 13, 2015 23:13

Top 10 Wisconsin All Class Season Preview (2015-2016)

Top 10 Wisconsin All Class Season Preview (2015-2016)

Top Ten Pound for Pound 11/13/2015

So we will wrap up the Preseason Top Tens with an overall pound for pound ranking!  As we have listed all of the wrestlers credentials over the last few weeks we won’t repeat them again this week, just present one longer explanation as to why people are ranked where they are.

Adding in all grades compounds the difficulty of making good rankings, but with the strength of this years senior class it was very difficult for any non Seniors to make the top 10.  Only 3 non Seniors made it into the PFP Top Ten.  No. 1 Junior Devin Bahr, No.2 Junior Jacob Raschka, and 1 Sophomore Alston Nutter found their way in.  All three of these wrestlers have had a tremendous amount of success on the National level and we felt needed to be included in the P4P ranking.  We ended up slotting Bahr just above No. 4 Josh Bird, as it felt his results at the National level had been more consistent than those of Bird.  In addition Bahrs solid win over Cole Martin last year is proving more and more impressive seeing as Cole Martin has been experiencing a decent amount of success at the early college tournaments.  No. 2 Junior Jacob Raschka goes in at No. 6 due to his win at Fargo this summer, following it up with a win at Preseason Nationals to solidify his status on the National level.  Raschka has yet to reach the top step of the podium at the Kohl Center, but his success in the off season is pointing in that direction.  The last non Senior squeezing into the P4P Top Ten is Alston Nutter.  We were impressed by his run at UWW Cadets, in the 15-17 year old age group, where he made it all the way to the finals before being stopped by No. 3 P4P Paul Bianchi.  Although young,  we felt as though Nutter had more success than many of the guys on the National level and that success warranted him being included in the Top Ten.  So, without further adieu here is your P4P Top Ten.  Let the arguments begin.

Honorable Mention:
Jaden Van Maanen (La Crosse Central)
Brock Bergelin (Denmark)
Jeremy Schoennherr (Stratford)
Hunter Dischler (Ithaca-Weston)
Riley Lull (Riverdale)


IMG_6104Beau1a75x75Senior: Beau Breske (Hartford) – 182

Breske tops the list on the strength of his incredible SIX USAW National Titles! Beau has been one of USAWs top age group wrestlers at any weight. While Breske did come up a bit short to stud Mason Reinhardt last February he redeemed himself with another National Title this summer at the USAW Freestyle Nationals tech falling Illinois recruit Xavier Montalvo in the finals. Can’t go wrong with Marko or Breske both of these guys are amazing.


markoHS72x94Senior: Hunter Marko (Amery) – 132

The only one on the list that has a chance to win his 4th State Title this year!  Marko has been dang near perfect in his HS career, going into his Senior season with only 4 losses.  We know the matches still have to be wrestled, but there don’t appear to be any major roadblocks to keep Marko from winning State Title number 4.  In addition to his in State success Marko has numerous All-American finishes to his credit, including a Cadet FS and GR National Title. Hunter was a Cadet National Champion as well.


bianchiHSs72x78Senior: Paul Bianchi (Two Rivers) – 126

North Dakota State- Bianchi has 2 State Titles like Bird, but moves ahead of him on this list due to his sustained success at the national level.  With many All-American finishes to his name Bianchi won his first big National Title this spring at UWW Cadets where he actually pinned 1 Sophomore Alston Nutter twice to make the World Team.


Junior: Devin Bahr (West Salem/Bangor) – 152

Devin takes the top spot on the list despite having not competed in 2015. He won State as a freshman and looked poised to win his second, especially after defeating a very tough Cole Martin early in the season. Unfortunately Bahr would tear his ACL at Bi-State and has not competed since. To this point Devin Bahr has won everything there is to win and we don’t see any reason he won’t continue his winning ways when he returns.


birdHS72x97 Senior: Josh Bird (Burlington) – 138

Chadron State- Beginning with Bird, the top 4 on our list have had a tremendous amount of success on the National level as well at the State championships.  Bird has 2 State Titles to his credit with his only loss coming to the aforementioned 3x State champ Robert Lee in the finals as a Sophomore.  Bird actually defeated Lee as a Freshman in the finals to stop Lee from being a 4x State Champion.  As mentioned previously, Bird also brings a Cadet National Title to his impressive list of accolades.


JR5Junior: Jacob Raschka (Pewaukee) – 195

Raschka is another wrestler who has yet to make it to the top of the WIAA podium securing 5th and 4th place finishes his first two trips. What separates Raschka from the pack is his recent success on the national scene. Raschka shocked everyone this summer when he turned the tables on two people who had previously defeated him as he won the USAW Cadet National title. Raschka recently validated that with a win in the 11th-12th grade 195 lb division at Preseason Nationals.


krausHS72x96Senior: Colin Kraus (Stoughton) – 145

Kraus has competed with the best of the best in Wisconsin which includes a win over 1 Junior Devin Bahr and multiple matches against 3x State champ Robert Lee who is now at Pittsburgh.  Kraus broke through and won a State Title as a Sophomore, but came up short as a Junior losing to Lee in the semis finishing 3rd.  We will be very interested to see if Kraus can finish up his career with a State Title and possibly lead the Vikings to their first State Title in a long time.


wichmanHS72x108Senior: Wilder Wichman (Johnson Creek) – 145

The first one in our top 10 who has already committed to a college wrestling program, Wichman will be taking his talents west next year and compete for Air Force Academy.  Wichman took third as a Freshman, second as a Sophomore only losing to the very tough Cole Martin in the finals. Wilder completed his Junior year undefeated with a State Title on his resume.  Wichman’s one breakthrough on the national level was a 3rd place finish at the USAW Preseason Nationals.


NutterHS72x110Sophomore: Alston Nutter (Fennimore) – 126

Nutter takes the top spot on the list having both a WIAA State Title and boat load of national success. Like Schoenherr, Nutter’s road to a freshman State title was anything but easy. Alston had to defeat 2x State Champion Hunter Dischler who was halfway to 4 State titles before being derailed. Nutter would also have a great spring finishing 2nd at both the UWW Cadet Nationals and USAW Cadet Nationals in Greco!  The next few years should be fun watching Stratford’s lightweight army, Nutter, Lull and Dischler battle it out for State titles.


StokkeMasonHS72x101Senior: Mason Stokke (Menomonie) – 195

It will be interesting to see how much effort Stokke puts into his Senior year of wrestling as his ticket to play football for the Badgers has already been punched. Stokke will be the first one on our list to have real sustained national level success as he has multiple All-American finishes to his name and won the prestigious Cheesehead tournament.  We hope Stok

By TomM November 13, 2015 23:13


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