J’den Cox ’16 Rio Olympic Bronze Medalist

By TomM August 20, 2016 15:41

J’den Cox ’16 Rio Olympic Bronze Medalist

J’den Cox 86kg bronze medal at 2016 Rio Olympics

With an exciting last minute takedown, J’den Cox won the bronze medal in Rio.

The score was 1-1 with the Salas Perez (Cuba) holding the criteria advantage and less than 20 seconds remaining. Cox had been on the ‘shot clock’ which gave up the ‘lead’ point to Salas, but managed a last second takedown for the medal victory.

The official originally did not signal the takedown and called for a restart when US Coach Bill Zadick protested the ‘non-call’ and a review resulted in 2 points awarded to Cox for the 3-1 victory.

At 125kg USA’s Tervel Dlagnev placed 5th. Dlagnev went 2-0 into the semi-final, losing, moving to repachage where he was again defeated. Both losses were by 0-10 technical superiority in short periods of time with gut wrenches following the first takedowns by the opponents. Dlagnev did not appear to be 100% healthy in either match.

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By TomM August 20, 2016 15:41


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