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Advertise Your ‘Local’ Tournament/Event at

Advertise Your ‘Local’ Tournament/Event at Wisconsin Wrestling Online

‘Local’ Club or Team Tournament or Event Advertising Fee

The “city name” and “day/date” of your tournament/clinic will be listed/posted on the Tournament
Calendar Page from the date it is posted to the date of the tournament.
FREE you get:
Saturday, May 7, 2016
Centerville WI

**Events outised the state of Wisconsin will be charged $50.00 for plan A.

PLAN “B”………Only $50.00*

(*$50.00 or the equivalent of one entry fee, which ever is greater, per event.)

When you send information, please be sure all information is complete and correct and do not type in all “CAPS”.

PLAN “B” will include Plan “A” PLUS all pertinent tournament information, including a downloadable flier/registration form provided by event.
Your event and all pertinent information will be listed/posted on the Tournament Calendar Page from the date it is posted through the date of the tournament.
“Two Day” events, where the second day is a different event from the first day are counted as TWO events and are billed as Two Events; ie $50.00 Each event/day.
Over four events at one site/event will be charged at a rate of 4 ($200.00) and one additional fee for each two events over four.
If we are required to type out a document from a jpg or other format there will be an additional $50.00 fee for this service.
Please send fliers in a Word format so the information may be easily accessed to create the text details in the event calendar.
We will not post ‘jpg’/’png’ or pictures for fliers. Only pdf. We will convert Word documents to pdf for downloads.
We retain the right to negotiate the price of advertising events.

There will be additional fees for the following:
1) having us create your event documents.
2) changes in information you send to us after the event is posted more than one time.
3) replacing documents you send to us after the event is posted more than one time.
4) posting banners in addition to the detail listing.
Your PLAN “B” ad will include the following items:
(please list these in detail)

Name of Tournament/Event
Date (Day/Month/Date/Year i.e. Saturday, May 5, 2017)
City Name (city event will be held it)
Place and Directions
Times (Weigh ins/Wrestling Start etc.)
USA Card or No Card Required
Fees for entry etc.
Style or styles (folkstyle, greco, freestyle)
Awards descriptions
Contact Information; Names, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Mailing Addresses
Other information by request.
flier (Send a MS Word or pdf document and we host and link your download. Pictures (jpg’s) are least preferred. If you send this, you must type or paste text into the email sent. We will not ‘retype’ text. See below.


**You may email us your registration form
(MS Word Document or pdf as long as it is copy ready text) and we will make it available for download.

Information must be sent in text in the body of an email if not in Word format or in pdf format that the text can be copied out of.
We will not re-type text out of a Word document that is in jpg format or a jpg (picture).
If you send a “picture” of a form we will not retype the information for the details page.

CREATE YOUR DOCUMENT: For $50.00 you may email us your registration information (In text in the body of an email, in MS Word Document or pdf as long as it is copy ready text. NOT jpg, gif or other picture format.) and we will create a document and make it available for download, or if you request, we will create and post a registration form for you (in pdf)
people will be able to download, print, fill in and mail to you.

CHANGES: Your first request for a change to your details and/or document will be completed for free. Additional changes at your request will have a fee of$50.00/EACH. Please be sure information you send to us is correct and complete for details and in flier. Replacing a document is also considered a change.

Choose your plan and send a check or money order for the correct amount made out to “WIWrestling”. Place the name of the event in the “memo” space or include a message describing the tournament so we know who sent the check and what event it is for.

Mail Check (check made out to “WIWrestling”) to:

PO 737
Watertown, WI 53094

Type out tournament details and Email to:
We can not guarantee info sent via US Mail will be posted as we do not do keyboarding.
You must email the tournament info to us in a format we can open and NOT in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
Sending it as text in body of email or in a MS Word.doc is best, as we can not guarantee we have software to open other formats.

DO NOT type in ALL “CAPS”

* “Local” refers to an event hosted by a town/city local club etc, not a “national” camp or event or business. If your event is advertised as National or Regional etc. it is not considered a local Wisconsin event.
For “national” camps/events please see :
Fees for Advertising Camps/Clubs/National Tournaments etc. see: Products and Services Fee Schedule


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