2015-2016 Wisconsin RANKINGS Assistance!

By TomM December 5, 2015 18:31

2015-2016 Wisconsin RANKINGS Assistance!

2015-2016 Wisconsin RANKINGS Assistance!

Tell us about your wrestlers!

WRESTLING FANS: The Wisconsin Wrestling Online Ranking Committee is asking for your assistance in obtaining current on individual and team results/information during the 2015-2016 Wisconsin high school wrestling season. Send information to < wiwresrankingstaff@wiwrestling.com >

The following is needed:

  • Wrestler name, name of high school, year in school.
  • CORRECT CURRENT WEIGHT CLASS. The weight class being wrestled at the current time, not the intended ‘end of season’ weight class of any ‘ranked’ wrestler or any wrestler you feel should be ranked.
  • Wins over ranked wrestlers (called ‘significant’ wins) and significant losses.
  • Tournament placings this season. (include place and name, date of event)
  • Win-Loss records this season.
  • Dual meet results of teams (if it isn’t online the committee needs it.)

If the committee doesn’t have it, they can’t consider it! Wisconsin wrestling rankings (individual and team) are dependent on a great deal of good, current information.  Current individual and team records, meet results, match results, tournament places, win-loss records, significant wins and losses over or against other ranked opponents, current weight class wrestled and other input you may be able to offer. The Committee spends countless hours collecting information, but attending meets and scouring the internet does not yield all the important current information that is our there.

The Committee requests fans, parents, coaches, wrestlers, club coaches send the ranking committee current information to improve the rankings each week!

You may think someone else (fan, coach, parent, club coach) is sending information in already, but in fact we get very little information from you. There are some people who are very diligent in sending current information, but they are few.

The committee gathers all the information they can, but the more, the better. They have all records and placings from last season.

Please check the rankings and email your input to the committee.
Send information to < wiwresrankingstaff@wiwrestling.com >

Go to the links below and if you have information on ranked or potentially ranked wrestlers,
please send it to < wiwresrankingstaff@wiwrestling.com >

Pre-Season Wisconsin Team Rankings

Pre-Season Division Three Individual Rankings

Pre-Season Division Two Individual Rankings

Pre-Season Division One Individual Rankings

Next Ranking to be released in approximately two weeks and each week there after. There may be a change in timing near the holiday events.

By TomM December 5, 2015 18:31
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